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more than a mood. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

LEVERIDGED depicts the multifaceted life of the youthful city dweller navigating society and their city’s busy streets. We’ve learned the patterns of the city and have found the secrets to keeping up with its latest lifestyle trends.

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We talk what’s in, where’s fab and who’s “it”. This is being involved. It’s personal.

– “LEVERIDGED, the pulse of the city, the pulse of the world.

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That’s the point of life; to leverage every opportunity while indulging in its greatest luxuries and rich culture.

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[ U ] UK ​  /ˈliː.vər.ɪdʒ/ US ​  /ˈlev.ɚ.ɪdʒ/

use (something) to maximum advantage.

LEVERIDGED. more than a mood. It’s a LIFESTYLE.