D G E D.

more than a mood. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

Leveridged follows my life, a 20something city girl navigating society and the busy streets of Kingston. As a proud Kingstonian I’ve learned the patterns of the city and have found the secret to keeping up with the latest trends despite her dynamisms. As a people Kingstonians shift to follow a mood, and left unfocussed you will be left behind.

Here I share the things to know.

Leveridged is the pulse of Kingston. Do not fear the monotony of the Kingston scene, I venture cross island and recite the important ones. I teach you how to maneuver the terrain of our beautiful life, what’s in, where’s fab, who’s “it” plus insider secrets. This is being involved. It’s personal.

– “Leveridged the pulse of Kingston. The pulse of the world.

I talk fashion week, and beauty sleep, wellness and travel tips all from my overtly narcistic obsession and participation in the creative industries. Leveridged is abreast with the latest fashion and lifestyle tips ensuring that your view on life is elevated. I take you along my unique life journey where I indulge in the luxuries that catch my eye. From restauranting, to island hoping I am sure you would subscribe, assuming you revel in the best of life. I mean that’s the point of life; to leverage every opportunity while indulging in its greatest luxuries all while indulging in rich culture. Well, that’s what we do here at Leveridged.



[ U ] UK ​  /ˈliː.vər.ɪdʒ/ US ​  /ˈlev.ɚ.ɪdʒ/

use (something) to maximum advantage.

LEVERIDGED. more than a mood. It’s a LIFESTYLE.