LEVERIDGED.com is home to LEVERIDGED. Classics, an online apparel store boasting classic everyday essentials for the stylish individual, and LEVERIDGED.The Magazine, publishing articles surrounding life in the city specifically looking at the lifestyle , travel, fashion and its culture.


more than a mood. it’s a lifestyle.

“where classic style is made easy”

“There’s a new social club and it’s elevated”

I. The Store

LEVERIDGED. Classics is a high quality premium accessory and apparel brand, home to everyday essentials for the stylish individual. These classic pieces are designed to fit into any wardrobe and complement any style as they are considered fashion’s foundation pieces. Each piece is classic with a bit of boldness allowing it to be dressed up, or down depending on the occasion. This affordable premium apparel line will seamlessly elevate the wearer’s look through simplicity and sophistication. 

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II. The Magazine

LEVERIDGED. The Magazine is your digital reader and magazine, bringing you articles following the various luxurious aspects of life and style, with specific emphasis focussing on life in the city and the exciting lifestyles developed by society’s men and women. The Magazine looks at life, style, culture, entertainment, travel, economy, gastronomy and the intricacies of bettering one’s self. Articles are designed to entertain the curious reader interested in the world at large. One who is eager to expand their knowledge on luxury and lifestyle, from a comfort they so choose, every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m EST. 

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