With every good wardrobe you need the right pieces and the ways of mastering dressing are in comprehending fashion’s foundations; building by basics and collecting classics, figuring out fits, styles, and silhouettes, by deciphering between trends and designs…

-Fashion, Style and The Very Foundation

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Within the wardrobe, there must be classics and casual pieces, the items that will transcend occasion and season, however cliche their presence is needed as they are truly the most important.

-Within The Wardrobe: The Important Things You Need To Know About Owning The Perfect Fashion Collection

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The white t-shirt is one of those staple pieces that make getting dressed simple and was probably the first piece to be denoted as a classic wardrobe staple fit for anyone, any time as long as they know how to style it. It has been bestowed this fashionable honor due to its simplicity and transformative orientation. It can be the statement piece in a casual outfit or supportive in a formal look as it can be anything you choose depending on your style for the day. The white t-shirt is a sophisticated piece despite being casual in original nature because of the crisp simplicity of it being white. White adds elegance to outfits which is why despite its simplicity dawning a white t-shirt and jeans has become a go-to ensemble.  The LEVERIDGED. Classics original t-shirt whether monogrammed or logo print elevates this classic with the addition of its minimal print providing just enough of a statement to catch the eyes of anyone passing by. The white t-shirt will continue to be a wardrobe staple; anyone in fashion has an impressive collection as they know the importance of this iconic piece, whether it be plain or printed, short or long sleeve the white t-shirt is special because it can be styled in many ways. 


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