The concept of physical exercise is not lost on this generation and efforts are being made to instill the same attitude and eagerness for mental health as evidence has shown tremendous benefits for a well-rounded mind and body. Mental exercises are regular practices poised with lifting the weight of stress and varying forms of anxiety allowing you to efficiently function during daily tasks. No matter your situation or circumstance you are able to benefit from mental exercises every now and again. 

Strengthen the weak spots

Unlike physical health mental health exercises work for the entire brain and mind function however, categories and identifying the type of mental issue helps to solidify the efforts made by practicing mental exercises. Pick a point and improve on it. Mental health practices are to aid with mental illnesses and the sore spots that make you uncomfortable in life. They come and go and sometimes they are prolonged but everyone feels a little down sometimes and everyone can serve to benefit from good mental health all the time. 




Meditating can be done in all sorts of forms from mindless meditation of acknowledging where you are, exactly where you are and accepting it for what it is noting the sensory stimuli at that moment helping to ground you in your life giving you the reassurance of where you are. Take a few minutes and take note of your breathing, your surroundings, and your senses forcing your mind to focus on only you for just a few moments reinforcing that you are important in all of this. 

There’s also mindful meditation, beginning with mindless meditation allowing your mind to drift wherever it chooses to drift giving your subconscious self full control. Often times thoughts emerge from secret places after having been ignored, disregarded or submerged. Mindful meditation helps to declutter by sifting through the various thoughts living rent free in your mind hopefully nudging you to work through those things that might be uncomfortable or simply forgotten. Let one thought lead into another and see where your subconscious mind will take you almost as if to lucid daydream.  

Once you’ve completed your meditation to see where you are and have acknowledged the physical and mental things that make up your person it’s time to re-evaluate what is needed and what isn’t. Accepting where you are mentally and physically is a form of gentle love needed to help you along your life’s journey in ensuring that you are supporting yourself during tough times and through tough decisions and transitions. It is after doing this that you will be able to clearly and concisely consolidate what is for you and what is not for you. What is needed and helpful in your life and what isn’t. Look at your current lifestyle and look at your desired lifestyle how similar are they and what are the steps needed to get you from where you are to where you’d like to be. This is where you eliminate bad habits, unhealthy traits and the regular a.n.ts  ( automatic negative thoughts) consuming your mind. This is why gentle love is necessary because you need to feel safe within yourself to let go of these unhealthy habits that oftentimes are mental security blankets. You have to be encouraging to yourself in identifying the bad and be strong enough to change it. 

It’s easy to fail when you self sabotage because you have been the one putting obstacles in your own way blocking your vision of the future providing you with easy excuses as to why you never got there. No matter the journey, no matter the obstacle you are the author of your life and you can change the narrative at any point. Whoever you chose to be today exists because you said so.

Rejuvenation is a good way to uplift yourself mentally and falls into the category of mental exercise. All three exercises can be done successively or individually. Rejuvenation works to keep you in a happy state surrounding you with the things and activities you love most while recharging you mentally and physically. It’s a form of repair, healing the damages laid on from life or a prolonged period of time. Here you are preparing yourself for the future while being kind to who you are in continuing with gentle self love. You are the only one who understands the inner workings of your mind in knowing the good, the bad and the ugly therefore you know exactly what you need to keep you a float and ready for life in accepting it for what its is, a beautiful mystery. After strenuous mental health exercises rejuvenation serves as your upkeep ensuring that you stay in a constant good state. You will be able to determine how often you’ll need to rejuvenate depending on what you’re going through. 

Beginning a mental health journey can be daunting especially with the social stigma surrounding mental illness. However mental health is a kin to physical health and is arguably more important as it provides support to the bodies control centre. One is no greater than the other as they both work to ensure the bodies full function therefore both should be considered when thinking of exercise. Mental exercises are not all the same as they vary while falling into varying categories supporting various issues however meditation, elimination and rejuvenation are there to cover a lot of bases. Your health is your responsibility both mentally and physically that’s why in addition to a physical routine one should add a few mental health exercises to daily life. 

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