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shop for him. shop for her. shop for you.

LEVERIDGED. Classics successfully marries innovation with opportunity positioning itself solely on the digital landscape as an online store, within the 4th revolution, where consumers have been vocal in their desire for chic wears and fashionable merchandise. By introducing everyday fashion wears the brand showcases its strength in design and functionality as each piece is fit for life’s various moments. To further drive home the point that fashion is beyond manufactured perception and indeed about functional realism and lifestyle. LEVERIDGED. Classics boasts apparel for both men and women that will seamlessly fit into either wardrobe with design options ranging from simple to complex. It is the combination of design, functionality, versatility, and comfort lifted by affordability that has the LEVERIDGED. Classics name buzzing globally.


The Fashion Brand

Buy the pieces. Wear the clothes. Be stylish. Be CLASSIC!

LEVERIDGED. Classics embraces sustainability and embraces valuable fashion in ensuring each piece is of premium quality and presented with classic designs ensuring longevity and prolonged wear from our customers. Each piece is produced sustainably, reducing waste and promoting purpose-driven consumption. This coupled with minimal and recyclable packaging aids in the health of our shared world.

LEVERIDGED. Classics has joined in partnership with Spreadshirt, a trusted supplier of premium quality apparel and accessories to bring our customers the highest quality pieces at affordable prices. In being nuevo, LEVERIDGED. Classics benefits from hearing the demands of consumers by checking the boxes ensuring that the brand’s standard aligns with their consumption.


The brand was birthed out of a vision for providing everyday fashionable pieces for men and women who are also in need of comfortable clothing, affordable prices, versatility, and convenience. The careful creative direction of the brand’s founder whose unique eye for style and affinity for trend forecasting and relating findings germinated feedback culminating the need for a LEVERIDGED. clothing line, where the brand sees the need to supply the stylish demands. By providing a unique digital experience, LEVERIDGED. Classics connects with customers in a comfortable, innovative, modern, and equitable way ensuring that each customer has access to affordable premium fashion pieces whenever the need arises.

 As a consumer of LEVERIDGED. Classics you know exactly what you’re are purchasing and why high-quality premium transitional wardrobe classics and staples fit for your everyday life. Purchasing products from LEVERIDGED. Classics is the necessary initial step to elevating your style. 

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