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This entire past month LEVERIDGED. has been discussing movies in May highlighting amazing films stretching across multiple categories hopefully presenting something for everyone to sit back and enjoy or explore. I can truly say I am a fan of every single film and would not recommend anything subpar because this is an ever-growing community of love, luxe, and all things LEVERIDGED. I had to ensure these films were shared for the members of the exclusive to enjoy. 

Discover all the recommended movies in May now inside The Magazine

This upcoming month will see LEVERIDGED. sharing articles deeply tied to lifestyle, getting back to the root of the cause highlighting the strengths of The Magazine. New readers and regular members will be able to settle into the groove of LEVERIDGED. showing off what it does best – inspire elevated living.

It’s important to consider the four facets and unspoken mantra of The Magazine in ensuring lives are beautifully balanced with each member paying close attention to the various parts that make up their lives and lifestyle ensuring everyone is living up to their greatest potential by looking at the mental, the physical, the social and the personal aspects of life. LEVERIDGED. aspires to inspire helping you along your journey of true self realisation and upliftment bringing attainable luxury right to you every week. In some way, you gain to benefit from the articles as they are designed with you in mind, at the fore, every time. 

Over the next month, The Magazine hopes to continue impressing you by bringing you articles top of mind. Keep on playing LEVERIDGED. Games and spreading the word to friends and family.

Keep the conversations going @leveridged.themagazine on social and share what topics you’d like to see being discussed inside The Magazine. I encourage you to be a tastemaker guiding the members of the exclusive. 

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