Dune stands to stand out from the very beginning of the film as we meet our young protagonist as the story kicks off in a whole new world with intricate details that will continue to carry the movie forward. This latest rendition of Dune sees the brilliance of Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides bringing this sci-fi film to life. The entire cast and directorial crew managed to deepen the perception of a science fiction film while magnifying the common elements of such a genre bringing into the fanatical and fanciful. This 2021 film remake shows the rise and fall of a great kingdom in a timely pace engrossing the audience with every tick of the metronome.

 Unlike other sci- fi films this new in sci-fi film bridges the gap between our world and theirs, our timeline and the futures while teasing our fears. At first glance you take it as a thrilling tale with soft elements with striking points until what is to be revealed is revealed. Everything means something and every footstep leads somewhere in the world of Arrakis where it’s keen to note the sets of footprints in the sand. Dune is a slow paced imaginative rendition of other world culture strangely not to far from our own once you unearth the messages hidden within the deep which makes it a great way film that should be added to your list of movies in May. 


Timothee Chalamet is one to watch

This films should be added to your list of movies in May. 


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