Catch It If you Can

The best films are those that are unpredictable and grippingly interesting pulling the audience through unsuspecting turns and plot twists leaving jaws dropped from bellowing gasps. It’s not simply good enough to deliver a good story, it takes grit and excitement to keep that film rent-free in our minds. Some films and directors have such an art down-packed giving their prestigious work the ostentatious title of the cult classic. Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, The Departed, and Interstellar are just a few of the great films that will have you placing bets on the endings, the middle, and downright the beginning forcing you to watch it from the start begging you to see if you can catch it if you can.

Each of these films falls under different categories with all of them being excellent. Pulp Fiction carries you on a hypnotic adventure, seemingly mundane but the furthest from it perfectly portrayed with beautiful acting, great storytelling, and easy scenes making the plot twists even better the second time around. The Usual Suspects is anything but predictable with a fine delivery of cinematographic genius, arguably presenting the biggest plot twist of them all, looking at criminal elements and the one that got away.

No man is above the law unless they choose to be is what you might think after watching The Departed following a crime boss and a tale as old as time giving a peek into the true workings of being a Big Boss. Just when you think it’s going one way you find out it wasn’t.

Interstellar is one for the books getting your gears working while blowing your mind. This Sci-Fi piece really sets you on edge as you try to figure out what is space travel and the fate of your corn with a heartwarming twist to make any dad cry. Each one of these films takes you on a journey only the director has the road map to as they tease the audience every step of the way therefore these films should be added to your list of movies in May.

These films should be added to your list of movies in May. 

Pulp Fiction || The Usual Suspects || The Departed || Interstellar

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