Often times when watching a film it is the story that keeps you enticed while the setting and background serve their supporting purpose as  just that. In those films dubbed The Beautiful, the visual elements serve as one of the leading characters compelling the audience to keep their gaze affixed to the cinema screen. Wes Anderson has a true talent for storytelling stories painting the perfect picture which carries each line of dialogue along. This is more than ever so evident in his latest masterpiece, The French Dispatch. This beautiful piece of visual art might be his best adaptive work to date as he brings to life  this fictional magazine in every still of the film. 

Crowning his latest work as his greatest work may be understandably debated as each film in his repertoire strikes as visually stunning with an easy jewel in his directorial crown being The Grand Budapest Hotel, simply a classic. Both stories are more than eye-catching and are completely heartwarming as he visually captivates while entertaining through surrealist storytelling. Wes Anderson’s directing style is a true fingerprint in the movie world but it is his way of colour and palette orientation that truly separates him. Each frame whether monochromatic, playfully pastel, or richly saturated could serve as a calling card and resume of his work. His stories within stories are truly entertaining and should be added to your list of movies in May.

These films should be added to your list of movies in May. 

The French Dispatch || The Grand Budapest Hotel

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