The Batman was one of 2022’s biggest anticipated releases as super fans and cinema lovers waited to see Robert Pattison’s rendition of The Batman. His gripping portrayal shows a less than enthused Bruce Wayne eager to cleanse Gotham of the filth and criminal grime, rather showing a struggling young man battling with his understanding of justice. The story picks up in the early days of Batman something fans of the comic are quick to notice as easter eggs and nods to the beginning of his vigilante career are bolstered throughout the story leaving viewers eager to see this Bruce Wayne character development in the years to come. 

While Batman doesn’t typically follow an upbeat or pleasant theme this 2022, The Batman can be happily classed in the dark and twisted. The Batman, The Joker, and The Dark Knight all ring with the same notes of sadistic and unscrupulous undertones giving an eerie atmosphere when watching these movies. From sympathising with a psychotic criminal to questioning right from wrong and feeling a sense of identity in the wrong crowd these films bring out the disturbed in us begging us to think of things from a different perspective. 

These films should be added to your list of movies in May. 

The Joker || The Dark Knight || The Batman

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