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Have you been enjoying LEVERIDGED. games? These have been the latest addition to The Magazine bringing added entertainment and fun to the Wednesday publishings. There will be a new game every 2 weeks with the answer to the previous games in the ending notes. LEVERIDGED. Is always looking for new ways to make our member’s experience interesting and LEVERIDGED. games have been the latest to do this. There’s a new game in every rendition and a lot more fun to come over the upcoming months. 


April not only saw the introduction of LEVERIDGED, games but saw The Magazine explore the culinary landscape and a foodie’s favourite pastime, food. The Magazine looked at gifts to give your friend the foodie as well as Springtime recipes perfect for calming weekends alone or great shared with friends. The Magazine also took a serious turn by reporting on eating habits and the ways they define us as people, discovering some interesting connections stemming from early childhood development and the psycho-social influences that define our eating habits, asking the question of what food habits define you? 

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Defining Food: What Your Eating Habits Really Mean

April looked at food while the upcoming month will be looking at something perfectly paired with food, even having its own category of delicacies. Next month will be taking a swing at a beloved pastime and favoured entertainment choice offering our members less of a guide and more of a recommendation on a great way to spend this May. There have been lots of new releases and huge build-ups of anticipations and LEVERIDGED. is keen on sharing top picks from the bunch, hoping that you share the same sentiment or an enlightened difference of opinion as to what releases are worth the watch.  To share in on the conversation be sure to follow LEVERIDGED. on Instagram and Facebook where most of The Magazine’s conversations carry on and remember to share with friends and family who subscribe to elevated living. 

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