Friends are a dime a dozen and oftentimes share similarities which tends to be the initiator in the budding friendship, where the best of friends who choose to affectionately show their appreciation enjoy gifting  to show this stance. In the real world the more personal, intimate, and valuable the gift the better which all stems from just how well you know your friend. Some revel in the beauty of the latest trend or luxury piece while others prefer a more detailed and personal approach to gifting.

This brings you to look at your friend and in turn the friendship in more detail in trying to uncover the special tidbits that make such a bond unique. Usually, people will have something that is quite special to them that in some way jumps out from either the first meeting or first interaction while others gradually spell out their deep secreted passions but for your friend the foodie you can smell it from a mile away. They’re that friend whose idea of a good time is venturing on a culinary food tour to see what the landscape has to offer, read Restaurant Reservations: Why Everyone Is Dining Out and Exploring The Culinary Landscape to see if you might be the foodie friend. This friend will be delighted if you satiate their appetite by gifting them anything culinary or food-related. To them,

food is more than sustenance, it is a sumptuous hobby. 

There are the bolder foodies who would enjoy a private chef lesson on fun and unique ways to prepare their favourite meal or a one-on-one exploring flavours and tastes, their favourite pastime. This is reserved for someone who also loves cooking and appreciates the art of the production of cuisine. But for someone greatly interested, yet less skilled with a skillet, offer a trip to a factory or museum to receive an inside look at where the magic happens. These tours usually end in sweet treats after the education and trade secrets have been glossed over with your friend having enjoyed a new taste of life without the need for culinary skills. 

Before gifting your foodie friend figure out what kind of foodie they are and see how best your gift will fit into their lifestyle. The thought of a restaurant tour or private chef might be exciting but might not fit into their day-to-day and might need to be earmarked for a special occasion or big celebration. In that case, actual food-related gifts will be more than appreciated by your friend the foodie. 

A bottle of wine or many bottles of wine and drinkware is the perfect way to show appreciation to your friend the foodie. Wines are meant to be explored and are delicious no matter the price tag making for a great past time amongst friends. Wine may be gifted for sharing intent or reserved for solitude which makes it one of the better gifts to give. They offer a deep and sincere sentiment when exchanged, add in gorgeous wine glasses to round out the present and its presentation. This is great for the friend that is laid back and inquisitive offering them insight into new tastes and discoveries of flavours done subtly and done well. If not wine, as they might not indulge in alcohol, try other culinary delicacies that may excite them. Such as an assortment of coffee beans, arabica or otherwise or an array of chocolates. Think charcuterie or cheeses or any assortment of unique foods for fun.

Then there are the foodies who love a good gadget. They love the latest in cookware. In this case offer to replace an old or broken kitchen tool or add to their collection. A quick glimpse of who they are and what foods they’re into will surely reveal what gadget they’d need. A baker could love a new mixer, a cook would love new pots, a makeshift barista would love a frother and a butcher might love some new knives and tongs, the list goes on and on. These friends enjoy the heat of the kitchen the chemistry to the cooking where they not only enjoy the food but enjoy that others enjoy the food, specifically their food. Your friend the foodie will greatly appreciate the gesture whether it be only a friend or someone more than that; and if they have it all go-go-gadget pro then gift them gorgeous flatware or utensils or towels or a specialised apron to show you care. 


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Think of your friend the foodie, family or loved ones to see what category they best fall into. Are they one to eat out or dine in? Are they one to try new things or stick to their favourites or do they prefer to cook than to be cooked for? These simple questions will help you find out what category your foodie friend falls in and also where you land on the foodie scale. Some people may be all three which opens a world of great gifting possibilities. Gifting someone something based on their habits and personal love is a wonderful way to boost their morale and with your friend the foodie these gift suggestions will be sure to do just that.

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