Dining out tends to be a special occasion reserved for flavourful exploration usually depicted by the type of restaurant and cuisine served. In some cases, flavours might be predictable while others tease the imagination. Such is the case here being presented with subtle creations intensified by bold herbs and spices. When choosing a meal off the menu one can be sure to be delighted with whatever catches the eye where in this case it was the shrimp. Shrimp and rice are nothing mind-blowing but done respectfully shows gentle care in making such a meal that more memorable. The refreshing white meat shrimp with its own profile and bouncy texture is perfectly grounded by earthy black beans and livened by freshly diced sweet tomatoes and thyme herb completed and complemented by a rich red sauce adding a creative dimension to common shrimp. As with any leading role, there are supporting actors which add to the performance of the overall dish. This colourful main was supported by a serving of herbed topped basmati and summer greens making the dish an overall amazingly beautiful deliciously luscious refreshingly appetizing dish to remember. 

Steady to note the restaurants that offer or better yet specialise in wine pairings as these establishments offer a unique accessory to your gastronomical ventures. As it was with this sitting the light taste of the white meat seafood was paired with a bottle of house white adding the simplest touch of soothing fermented heat and sweetness. Uncorked as the name suggests will present you with the perfect complimentary bottle straight from their collection to round out any sitting and amplify your dining experience as was the case with this shrimp dish. If traveling to Kingston, JA make sure to visit Uncorked. It’s always a good time at Uncorked.

-All photos found on LEVERIDGED.com are shared to celebrate the artists creation.-

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