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LEVERIDGED. is the gift that keeps on giving, a hint to something new coming to The Magazine this Spring. The articles will always be the top priority but it’s time to add a new form of entertainment to The Magazine’s weekly publishings. Look out for the first of its latest edition this April.

Speaking of April, this upcoming month LEVERIDGED. will be looking at food, a favourite pastime, and a necessary part to day to day life. Focussing not just on restaurant reviews and recipes but tapping into our relationships with food i.e why we eat the way we do, pulling from a few members’ private experiences and dietary journeys, detailing how food has been revealed to be greater than nutritional substance. April’s articles will carry you along an intricate food journey filled with tasty highs and curious plateaus. Members of the exclusive would be quick to notice one of The Magazine’s recent publishings on restaurant tours and the vast world that is dining out, a sort of introduction to the types of culinary adventures LEVERIDGED. encourages you to get up to. 

Restaurant Reservation: Why everyone is dining out and exploring the culinary landscape.

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Be sure to share articles with your friends and family so that they may be up to date on the latest in lifestyle trends while being guided to an elevated life, style, and lifestyle. There’s enough LEVERIDGED. to go around for everyone evident by the growth of the exclusive and The Magazine’s social community where members of the exclusive receive more regular updates while interacting with LEVERIDGED. on the LEVERIDGED. The Magazine’s Instagram and Facebook pages, where you’ll find shopping and style guides, articles you might have missed out on, products from The Edit, and general information geared towards improving your daily life. Most importantly it’s where members of the exclusive can share their opinions on an article and start conversations. 

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I’m looking forward to the months ahead, promising the diligent delivery of your weekly articles and content for your entertainment but to also shaking things up, sprucing up the exclusive by enticing you with new offerings. I can only hope that you are having as much fun as I am, as I look towards Wednesday evenings to settle in to read the latest LEVERIDGED. article. 


elevate your life. elevate your style. elevate your lifestyle.



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