Food is the fuel of life and without it, there would be none. The culinary landscape is a vast land blessed with hills and valleys of flavours and cultures which have bloomed and blossomed into a majestic field as travel and globalization wage forward in the modern world. No more yearning for spices from distant lands when grocers and markets and engineers have made it possible to get these round the clock. Traditionally food is passed down through generations as culture, an homage to an ancestral heritage where usually the richer the dish and flavours the richer the history where food is considered the pride of the home. Many gastronomic giants have made strides through tiny footsteps of memories of matriarchal cuisine, plating secrets of todays yesterdays. Food is for the heart and makes a family as many moments are shared over a plate or two which leads to the understanding as to why many migrant families open restaurants after having settled in foreign lands. Focussing on the dishes offered through restauranting highlights the taste of a culture. Asian and Caribbean countries offer hearty and rich full meals while Latin Americans and Europeans contribute casual bites. It is these sorts of unique discoveries that encourage restauranting, exploring the culinary landscape.

Not all cocktails are the same and we see not all restaurants are the same despite falling under the same categorical food cloche, which is why an exploration of the culinary landscape is necessary. Each Chef trained has a unique spin on food as each creation is masterfully produced with hopes of transporting you to the origins of their palate. Restaurants that pride themselves on their creations stand out and are vastly different than those that simply offer sustenance. Here their pride sits in ensuring your meal, your fork full is memorable, is delectable. The sort of thing that makes you earmark the experience and send compliments to the Chef. Here you’ll be introduced to herbs and presentations of food wherein its own way may resemble an interactive museum, an immersive experience of sight, sound, and taste. Food is a commodity yes and should be respected more so. Then there are the rare restaurants that sit in a category of their own. Far from labels but distinguished by the exquisite. The locations where food is seen as treasure where you’re welcome to indulge. The places where tastes are designed as intricate art prepared from foods in season, presenting you with surprises in every bite. The culinary landscape is broad and intricate and designed to be attainable for all. 

Restaurants are celebrations of food.

Visiting a restaurant and sitting in an establishment creates a theatre for culinary entertainment much more impressive than your casual taco Tuesdays. To dawn, a stylish ensemble to be seated and waited on by pleasant gentlemen gentle-ladies who are tasked with ensuring your every gastronomical need is met while dining at their establishment is expense worthy. Some buy designer pieces while some indulge in designer experiences whereas the best do both. From the artful decor to theatric presentations, to seating options and auditory choices restaurants populate an impressive occasion, booking you a ticket to a new world, simply taking your breath away.

It’s one thing to go out and be fed and another to be entertained.

Restaurant tours exploring the culinary landscape exposes you to the creative world that is cuisine. A world filled with insiders, influencers, authors, designers, critics, and fans who appreciate the beauty that is food. The world is greater than wine tasting and deeper than cultural experiences, richer than you can dear to imagine. When picking and choosing a culinary destination to visit keep the mind open to trying something new. It’s a fun space, not pretentious simply scrumptious, and it’s there for the tasting.

It’s a global phenomenon.

This world of deep culinary culture is accessible no matter where you go. There are countries whose pride is their food hosting celebrations like Food Awards and Food Festivals displaying their joy and culinary culture through style of dish and spice of life broadening the exciting culinary landscape. There are histories being told and stories being forged all crafted by the hands that feed you.

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