Long-haul vacations are revered as they offer an escape from the norm. The picking of a destination and marking of dates creates a thrilling rush as the holiday, trip or getaway grows near. As time passes and the days go by daydreams turn into prophesy wishfully imagining the sights and sounds of travel while patiently awaiting departure. Extended vacations are unmatched but there are reasons  as to why City Breaks are the most popular trend in travel.

City Breaks are the definition of quick and easy travel and are the next best thing to travelling sleep masks. They are simple, convenient, and purposeful as they aim to change your life. City Breaks are a beautiful way of discovering the world around you by simply booking a flight to the Country or City over or by taking a road trip enjoying the scenic route. It’s a way to be transported to a civilization different from yours, to see how the other side lives. City Breaks are a great way of discovering new luxuries and introducing new practices that will further elevate your lifestyle. 

Picking a destination is a matter of interest, like picking from a fishbowl. What would you like to discover? Fashion? Culture? Food? Entertainment? Change? Or surprises at every corner? 

The best thing of it all is that it is all possible and can be done time and time and time again, which is the beauty of a City Break. 

Think Miami to New York, Kingston to Montego Bay, Paris to Milan, or Seoul to Tokyo. The purpose is to get up and go and be back before anyone knows. 

City Breaks leave you feeling refreshed and energized to get things done, like the full night’s rest you needed. It’s a simple break from the norm, a quick flip of the page motivating you to explore somewhere new. A City Break is an affordable means of travel considering they are meant for a day or two, designed for a weekend getaway or intimate holiday. City Breaks are perfect for the curious traveller with a busy life or the wanderer addicted to wanderlust or anyone interested in the world at large.

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