Modern cities offer a bounty of luxury hotels for short-term and long-term stays, filled with accommodations to make the stay comfortable but not memorable. Many city states offer this luxury to their business class, those who spend the majority of their stays in rented vehicles and board rooms, least for the traveller whose purpose is to indulge in and explore their new surroundings. While hotels are available to a wide variety of travellers those who travel from city to city tend to resort to the familiarity and apparent simplicity of booking a room to nest their heads. However, in recent times the opportunity to shortlist a luxe property has risen in demand aided by the growth of AirBnB and services alike. This form of residential reservation suits the visitor whose main point of travel is to explore the city. Resorts have their home and will never be dismissed but private residences are the ultimate domestic burrow when travelling city to city.

The benefit of residing in a city has been that most services are automated, and with the current situation simplicity, privacy and seclusion are top priorities when deciding on a property within the city, which has also increased the demands of residential reservations. This form of living brings an air of peace and personal comfort to a micro renter and incumbent short-term property owner to know that while visiting there is a piece of the pie to call their own, especially if blessed with a true wanderlust spirit. Having a home to return to after a fruitful day of discovery is an unsung luxury.

Living like the city’s citizens allows for a true understanding of the space and surrounding community giving first hand experience and knowledge of the landscape and its people. Diving deep by living intimately fosters discovery that otherwise would not have been afforded to the average traveller. Having a residential reservation can be an intimate introduction to the city’s culture where you can determine if it will be a repeat visit. As with every city, lifestyles vary and privately dwelling within a new metropolis can quickly identify if it will suit you and your current lifestyle. 

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Private travel residences and short term rentals are affordable ways of city living which offer added value when choosing this type of dwelling. Looking at the economics of travel, private dwelling benefits both the traveller and the city travelled to, as monetary exchange goes directly into the hands, pockets and economies of the local city, boosting morale all around. Another form of value hidden within the luxury of residential reservations is the opportunity for specificity. Visitors can find residences that fit their specific domestic needs no matter how detailed, again pushing the want for this type of stay. It provides a unique freedom while occupying a foreign place with most areas offering something for the differing tastes. Residences range from modern apartments with amenities to homier steadfasts, to the welcomed beachfront and private villa. 

Villas provide that resort feel within a private domain with most instances of villa stays being those reserved for relaxing getaways. Beachy cities like Cannes and Montego Bay have these in abundance marrying the private abode to the resort vibe providing access to the short term vacation home. Though not a part of a large hotel system, villas may hire staff and stock amenities geared towards pampering guests.

In each instance, whether seeking rest and relaxation or city exploration, private residences are the best nesting locations when travelling city to city. They host a barrage of benefits for the traveller and serve to uniquely encourage the visitor, to venture out discovering new opportunities and experiences hidden within the facade of the bright city, which will intimately challenge them to familiarise themselves with the new city.

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