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And just like that, we say au revoir to February 2022. Was it a good one for you? It’s been spectacular inside The Magazine. 

LEVERIDGED.  has successfully launched the Lifestyle Edit, an exclusive curation of lifestyle products handpicked to elevate your lives following The Magazine’s tag, elevate your life, elevate your style, elevate your lifestyle. Now at LEVERIDGED.com, you can partake in the delicacies and luxuries offered under the LEVERIDGED. brand. It’s been an exciting process seeing your interactions and engagements with the products inside The Edit. I could go on and on about each product but why sound like a broken record when all the information is right here. One thing’s for sure, whenever LEVERIDGED. has news it will be laid out for the members of the exclusive. They are always the first to know. 

“Curate your lifestyle. It’s the only way to live!”

This February The Magazine focussed on the wellness portion of lifestyle, looking at ways to improve mental health and the importance of inner and outer beauty. These discussions are important ones, especially in today’s world where it is mind-boggling to everyone alive as to how we’ve been ignoring our biggest and most important muscle, the mind. LEVERIDGED. looks at the four aspects of life (read the article here) because it’s important to understand the relationships facilitated and surrounding all of our lives.

Luxury is a beautiful thing that’s why LEVERIDGED. aspires to inspire the right mindset around lifestyle and the importance of curating one that truly uplifts and fulfills each member. The members of LEVERIDGED. are the life-blood of The Magazine. Continue to involve LEVERIDGED. in your daily by linking with The Magazine on Facebook & Instagram sharing your thoughts also inviting

This March will bring you articles surrounding travel, presenting interesting findings and trends from the industry. As you know by now the articles published inside The Magazine take unique spins showing you special vantage points while guiding you along your lifestyle journey and travel is one such piece to the pie. To the members of the exclusive, you can look forward to special articles linking to the latest products from The Edit being privately delivered to your inbox at its usual 6:30 p.m. To our regular readers be sure to check back on Wednesdays for new publishings and to visit The Lifestyle Edit to see what products are new-in. To ensure you don’t miss anything from LEVERIDGED. The Magazine,  join the reader exclusive to receive premium content and special updates. 

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elevate your life. elevate your style. elevate your lifestyle.



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