Holding on to the last bit of sleep can sometimes feel like the hardest thing in life especially when your bed is your safe space. Not all rests are the same even if the beds are. Improving your sleep can be done in a few simple steps that once implemented will have you wishing you had discovered them sooner. A good night’s sleep is extremely important because it’s your body’s time to readjust, preparing itself for the days to come. It helps regulate brain function, rest tired muscles and cure other micro issues before becoming major. A growing infant sleeps all the time because rest is imperative for growth and regulation. 8 hours of sleep is recommended as a free, quick, and necessary medicine and can be done just the way you like it. These 5 ways to get a better night’s sleep are guaranteed to change your life one night at a time. 

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First things first is to get comfortable. As simple as it may sound it can be tricky to find the best sleeping position, temperature, mattress, sheets, or any other thing needed to enrich your comfort. Go down the list and see which ones tick yes and which ones need to go. The mattress that has seemed to form to every inch of your body might be sentimental or maybe your old sheets make things simple but switch one out for something new and watch your sleep transform for the better.


It’s amazing the things you carry home with you that have no place inside your home much less inside your mind. You might be thinking what’s the harm in receiving some good news earlier in the day even though that’s all you’re thinking of. How can good news be bad? Well, focussing on things that have already happened takes away from the present. Focus on the good news when it happens and focus on your sleep when you need it to happen so that it can happen.

Clearing your mind of idle thoughts will help you drift away quicker by settling your head space. Ever wondered why your body might be tired but you can’t fall asleep that’s because your mind is busy and you haven’t taught it to rest.


Turn off the lights and hit the hay that’s something some people say and it’s true. The darker the better and the deeper the sleep. Warm ambient lighting is a calming way of combatting your fear of the dark but it can be disrupting your rest. A simple way of ensuring your space is safe and dark is by introducing a comfortable sleep mask. They work to both literally shut the outside world out and make it as dark as possible signaling to your mind and body that it is indeed nighttime sleep time. While some of us can sleep any time anywhere, some of us choose nighttime specifically, and to optimize on p.m. sleep a silk or satin sleep mask will have you drifting off to dreamland sooner rather than later. 


A calm environment sets the tone for the quality of sleep you’ll receive. It’s the true first step despite being listed at number 4. It’s the intentional behavior of preparing for bed, bringing your day to a close, and welcoming sleep. Showering before bed is a symbolic ritual of letting go of the day, good, bad, or indifferent because it transports you mentally home and when done before bed signals sleep. Decaffeinated, calming tea or warm drinks also help to calm the body before bed. The sudden change in internal temperature serves to comfort and calm you. A nice shower, warm drink, and a chilled relaxing prompt helps prepare the mind for maintenance where it rests and readjusts allowing you to calmly fall alseep.



You have to be tired to fall asleep. Those nights when you’re laid in the bed staring and talking to yourself unable to fall asleep despite doing steps 1 through 4 occur because you’re not tired. Setting a “bedtime” is good for routine and doing work subconsciously, telling your body it’s time for bed, but when your circadian rhythm messes up for whatever reason you may be stuck out of whack and confused as to why your once usual bedtime all of a sudden seems useless. Some persons have a taxing day in general and pass out rather than sleep once they get into bed but for those with lighter experiences and no sleep schedule the simple answer to sleepy time woes is to wait until you’re tired, really tired. Not at the first yawn but when your words become gibberish. Wait until you’re tired even if you fall asleep at 3 because sleep and tiredness are rippled. When you stay up till 3 and have to get up at 5 you remain tired all day and your body can only go so long when that tired. So the next night’s sleep may see you falling asleep at 12 and as the nights progress you’ll begin to slowly collect hours in the night until you’ve found a rhythm and a “bedtime” best suited for you. 

Each step is simple, attainable and luxurious, to say the least. Imagine getting a good night’s sleep every night, imagine what that will do for your health, your attitude, and your life. Note step 6 wasn’t get 8 hours of sleep because each person is different and while it may be recommended and good every now and again it’s not the peak of sleeping perfection. 

Quantify the amount that works for you to elevate the quality of sleep for you. Introduce lifestyle products that will elevate the various parts of your life such as a satin sleep mask or memory foam mattress which will help you to achieve a goodnight’s rest. A good night’s sleep is waiting for you once you’ve implemented these 5 ways to get a better night’s sleep. Some read, some pray, some indulge in pillow talk, some put on soothing music or sleep time podcasts when it’s nighttime. Take a cue and curate a nighttime sleep time routine designed specifically for you and include steps 1 through 5 to see it through.

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