s t r e n g t h e n i n g. t h e . b o d y

Physical activity is a proven immune booster that provides amazing physical and mental benefits. Being active may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways which may reduce your chances of getting a cold, flu, or other illnesses.  The brief rise in body temperature during and after exercise may prevent the growth of bacteria as the temperature rise helps the body fight infection better.


elevate your lifestyle.


Exercise is a lifestyle staple; once you feel good you look good and nothing is better than a happy life all around. Regularity does not mean monotony as there are many ways to get active. Gyms may be slowly opening and implementing social distancing but there are other ways to get fit without it including indulging in at home wellness focussing on the mind and body.

Getting active doesn’t mean training for the strong man competition but rather ensuring that your body gets use to activity every day. Swimmers swim, runners run and dads play golf which are some of the unique ways of getting active. Peace be with you if you try hot yoga when the evening walks get too simplistic. Exercise is defined by the lifestyle and finding the best form is entirely up to you.

Get fit & get physical by:




weights in the yard

resistance bands by the pool



b a l a n c i n g . t h e. m i n d

After building up the vessel let’s take care of its control centre.

Balancing the mind is necessary during uncertain times because this is where fear is bred. Keeping yourself in a mentally strong place is a proven way to get through the motions and emotions of life. This may be achieved through mindful meditation, where you sit and reflect on your breathing allowing for your thoughts to come and go to the motion of inhalation and exhalation. You may opt for silent grounding which is connecting yourself with the raw natural earth, noting your surroundings and observing your emotions allowing you to be present in that very moment.

Spiritual release may be done through prayer and meditation, sound waves and energy vibrations and is one way of calming the mind, which may also come from resting. Setting up a proper sleep schedule void of distractions is important where once a week you allow yourself to get 8 hours or more giving your mind the well deserved rest it is seeking. When the body rests it readjusts and fixes ailments on the micro level before they manifest into physical illnesses.

There are many ways to clear the mind, the body’s most important muscle, and it is a deeply personal thing to find the way best suited for you. One of the most important, underestimated and equally daunting measures of mental health is alone time with oneself. Many believe that they know and understand themselves but when stood face to face with oneself fail to recognise all that builds them up, the good, the bad and the uncertain. It is in the daily practices of wellness, small in fact, that will help you achieve optimal wellness.

Well-being is realised by small steps but is truly no small thing. – Diogenes

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