In the past few years, elevated skincare and beauty has become one of the greatest forms of self-care with new developments, clean beauty treatments, and advanced products to aid in the process of rejuvenation and care. The Western world has listened to the beauty secrets of the East and has concluded that beauty has power while being skin deep. When you look good you feel good and that’s a simple fact so the emphasis has been placed on skincare routines for men and women to not only enhance natural beauty and health of skin but to destress the mind while indulging in elevated skincare. 

The guasha & face roller are 2022 must haves!

The main point of skincare is to view it as a time of wellness of topical healthcare for your biggest organ. Skincare and beauty includes your entire body, looking at your skin’s unique segments and how to care for and nourish them in hopes of maintaining its most lustrous appearance and regulative performance. One such way of ensuring optimal health and beauty of your skin is in the regular use of combined products designed to do just that and with these 2 beauty tools everyone needs for elevated skincare and beauty its made easy. 

When it comes to maintenance there are rarely any products that beat the guasha! 


The guasha is commonly used for the face to lift and tighten skin but can also be used all over the body to help drain lymphatic systems and tone muscle groups while improving circulation. The ridges assist in contouring the features of the face maintaining its natural form and structure and If chilled overnight it will aid in depuffing while revitalizing the face waking up the cells with a touch of cold. In the same way, a cold spoon under the eyes or a splash of cold water after a nap wakes you so too will a chilled guasha in the morning. Introducing the guasha to your morning routine or body’s overall care is a simple way of indulging in elevated skincare and beauty. 

Coupling the guasha with a massaging face roller is the icing on the cake for any beauty and skincare regimen. While the guasha can be used all over the body the face roller targets the face and the dual action of both will have you showing up as your best self in the days to come. The guasha assists in contouring and tightening the face and skin whereas the face roller massages and plumps, keeping skin fresh, perky, and youthful. Both products are elevated skincare and beauty tools that tend to be used in tandem with moisturizers, serums, mists, and everything in-between to improve skin’s overall health and appearance. Introducing personal beauty tools into your skincare and beauty regimen is a needed and important luxury for the everyday. Facials and peels are necessary now and again while the guasha and face roller are the necessary tools needed for every day. Tip a little luxury into your day by adding the guasha and face roller to your daily regimen as a form of elevated skincare and beauty.

pink guasha and face roller

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