Feeling good will have you looking good and there is something to it. Looking good will have you feeling good, and that’s a fact.

Taking control of your full physique will benefit you in more ways than one.

It has the ability of improving a whole host of physical and psychological tenets in your personal life.

Taking care of oneself goes further than health and wellness and includes grooming and choice of appearance, as the ideal goal is to put your best foot forward by presenting a physically well cut individual. Your internals and externals should always be at their best or at least steadily trying to get there, as both hold importance to your overall well being. A healthy body is a happy body and is specified by your physical needs. It’s much more than choosing a diet fad but all to do with developing a dietary system that will build and nourish you beyond the goal of weight loss or weight gain, this is about bodily maintenance. It is about consuming the things that will nourish all aspects of the physique, from mental strengthening to muscle building and gut rehabilitation. Each elemental thing works with its neighbour to create a holistic healthy body.

When considering putting yourself together always consider it your best. From hairstyles to skin care your physique encompasses it all as it quite literally includes all aspects of your physical body. Skincare, nail care, hygiene and scents are all parts to consider when taking care of yourself. They also offer up more about you than many would like to believe. In the same way style admits to who you are within society, your physique expresses points from your lifestyle. It’s a matter of personal pride to put your most elegant self forward whereas with any diamond it’s all about its appearance. Leveridged Lives pride themselves on being beautifully cut, presenting aspects of themselves as richly unique. As Plato once pronounced…

We must take pride with a level of understanding for our love of beauty, as it displays aspects of life at which we admire. Whether it be peace, simplicity, order or structure, the physicality of such things speaks volumes.

When considering who you are in this world you can not forget how you look or feel. Move beyond the vain and fickle thing that is outward beauty and look at its practicality as inward beauty. Everyday you masterfully add a page to the story of your life, vividly you colour your world where you sit as the pride of your masterpiece. You are a master, a master of self, your physicality being one of your prides. No one else matters in this matter of physique, no one else feels like you do, no one else is formed like you are and no one else will take pride in you in the way that you do. Nurturing one’s physique is simple maths, when you feel good you look good and when you look good you feel good and that’s a simple fact. Therefore present yourself in its most impeccable form or at least try to as all Leveridged Lives do.


elevate your life. elevate your style. elevate your lifestyle.

-All photos found on LEVERIDGED.com are shared to celebrate the artists creation. –

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