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There is something coming to LEVERIDGED. and The Magazine explains it all in detail in its latest article. LEVERIDGED. stands to elevate your life, elevate your style, elevate your lifestyle and will do so completely with the newest addition to The Magazine. The Magazine brings you weekly lifestyle guides, inspiring and encouraging you to live life to the fullest by seeking out opportunities and making ways in this world to explore the luxuries within it to elevate your life. LEVERIDGED. Classics offers you trendy and affordable clothing that will see you being your most stylish self in the brand’s classic pieces to elevate your style. Now there’s something exciting coming designed to elevate your lifestyle.

Welcome to the new year where over here the wheels keep turning and LEVERIDGED. keeps moving churning out new articles every Wednesday where January saw The Magazine take a closer look at travel and the latest trends within the industry. These are big ticket topics considering borders are playing will they won’t they regarding international travel and the latest 5G developments and its disruption to aviation. In one of January’s top reads Nuevo Travel (read here) domestic destinations received much needed love and attention as they have been revealed to be a modern day luxury. As the months go by and changes to the transport sector emerge LEVERIDGED. will be sure to update you on the latest trends in travel. If there are any topics you’d like to see inside The Magazine share them with LEVERIDGED. on its official Facebook page. Let’s get chatting!

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As #always LEVERIDGED. is looking forward to the upcoming months to share more news, more fashion and more products with loyal subscribers and readers. Usually I’d share a little tid bit of what to expect in the upcoming month, but this February you’re going to have to wait and see. Trust me and I mean trust me you won’t want to miss anything from The Edit. If you’re not already subscribed to LEVERIDGED. now is the best time! Share with your friends, tell a neighbour and elevate your life today.

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elevate your life. elevate your style. elevate your lifestyle.




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