-Let’s Eat: Japanese-
– Itadakimasu –

Sushi is one of the most refreshing meals you will ever have. The delicate dance between art and flavour will also make it one of the most memorable dishes you will ever enjoy. There are classic rolls, such as the Dragon or California and specialties for the more experienced palate, all perfect in their unique way presenting culinary traditions from a culture over. 

The casual gastronomical experience is contrasted by the craftsmanship and delicately appetizing combinations within each creation. Neither a hot dish, nor a cold dish but a perfectly bite sized dip into exotica, making sushi understandably and undeniably the favourite amongst many in the city. 

From sticky rice to freshly cut cucumber slices to each thinly sliced addition of ginger spice, a roll will have you wishing it will never end. Each roll is designed to exaggerate the elements while seamlessly forging a delectable union. None of these flavours jolt your taste buds. They glide across your senses like a crisp breeze. Sushi is something to enjoy whether alone, or in a group, today or tomorrow, each creation will have you comfortable and at ease as you drift away in Japanese dreams. 

– Gochisousama –
-All photos found on LEVERIDGED.com are shared to celebrate the artists creation.-

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