In light of the current global pandemic, domestic travel has become the modern day luxury. This trend has been on the rise and continues to boom as borders play will they won’t they, due to the rising concern of personal and national safety. Regardless, this form of travel is considered fabulous, as it opens the hearts and minds of locals to the idea of discovering that what is not lost but of what is right in front of them, by reintroducing the fabulous experiences presented at home. It is creating a renewed sense of appreciation for local products which benefits the circular economy. This fresh form of travel supports both the simplest and complicated of lifestyles by reintroducing the ease of travel and the option of the quick getaway. 

It’s a formidable way of taking charge of one’s life in scheduling regular vacations and R&R sessions. There is no better way and place to do this than within major cities due to the plethora of experiences waiting to be had. There is so much to visit and much to be done with access being granted by simply walking out the door, where deciding on what to do is a matter of what’s the mood.

Staycations and city breaks are nothing new to the domestic traveller but there has been a glamorous resurgence bringing ease to the wanderer. With safety in mind one will soon realize the many occasions for indulgence, in looking at the experiences through a new lens, one of creativity and intrigue, with half of the establishments doing the work for you as they adhere to the new health protocols. 

Outside cafes and private dining are on an uptick while hotels and villas become booked and busy following capacity guidelines. These current times have brought back the luxury of privatization, where some restaurants offer solitary dining, enriching your experience as their only accommodation or one of few. Looking beyond the culinary landscape we see the intimacy returning to experiences, with galleries, shopping and certain entertainment returning to their gilded beauty. The roaring 20’s has come around full force changing the face of lifestyle, health and travel with survival dependent on safety and innovation. 

Living within the parameters of the local boundary is an exciting thing as most have never ventured to all of its four corners where they have yet to discover its every bit. City life offers an overwhelming array of globalized experiences and its rural opposite the unearthing of natural beauties. From canyons to waterfalls and the relics that live there, each one is considered a domestic destination. Domestic travel has brought with it the enlightenment of everyday travel with the ease of getting up and going. Though birthed as a commodity and encouraged out of necessity, domestic travel is revealed to be a modern day luxury. 

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