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2021 will always be a special year at LEVERIDGED. as it marks the launch of the LEVERIDGED. Classics clothing brand and the return and reintroduction of, where the publishings have taken on a new life with the best part being the growth of our community. December has seen unique festive season articles and increased servings of LEVERIDGED. with multiple articles being shared on release days, Wednesdays. The Magazine had everything from winter recipes to gift guides and style guides ensuring that your Holiday season was everything you hoped for. 

This year has proven itself unique with twists and turns, but I do hope you focus on the positives and learn the lessons presented through the challenges. As LEVERIDGED. 2021 comes to a close and the year winds down take the time to settle yourself, clear your mind, and set new intentions that will serve you and add to your life in the upcoming year. 

Don’t know how to? Check out this article on wellness.


The Magazine has so much in store for you with lots more coming in the new year, as LEVERIDGED. continues to be your trusted guide in all things lifestyle. Whenever you see LEVERIDGED. know that you can trust that The Magazine is offering you the best information on how to achieve and maintain an elevated life; whether that be mentally, physically, socially, or through the private aspects of life, LEVERIDGED. The Magazine aspires to inspire you to live life to the fullest. Encourage those around you to see the beauty in life and if they need a boost direct them to Everyone deserves to live a beautiful life and with LEVERIDGED. It’s made easy. 


Elevate your life. Elevate your style. Elevate your lifestyle. 

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Year of The Tiger

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