Lifestyles are developed consciously and subconsciously as they are quite literally experienced through the ins and outs of everyday life, where defining one’s lifestyle is a matter of grouping like terms. In doing this you’ll begin to identify the layers that build a lifestyle, and as such it will be  made easy to add to and to take away that which suits you and that which doesn’t. Leveridged Lives understand this concept with the most important being balance. Balance in neither having too much nor too little of a good thing. Leveridged Lives pay specific emphasis to their mental, physical, social and personal well being but these are mere categories waiting to be filled further and individually defined.

two sides of the same coin

There are those who pride themselves on being identified as one thing, spending moments on the construct of self-development. Then there are others who take a different approach; living each day as it comes with no prospects or anxieties towards the future, those of the free spirit. Relishing in the avoidance of nihilistic beliefs, Leveridged Lives believe in tethering their flag to a sturdy base so that when you see them you undoubtedly know them and know what they’re about. This indeed is all about a personal vibe. 

Personality and lifestyle archetypes expose the variety of vibes that exist within the human landscape. However, it is the construction of one’s lifestyle that proves it to be a Leveridged lifestyle. Whether bold or meek there is something unique about the way a Leveridged life is lived.  Day in, day out, their personalities shine through, bold and bright and beautifully coloured. There is an embrace of the new and an eagerness for excitement, as each one understands the blessings hidden in tomorrow’s life. The blessing of uncertainty. Yes, tomorrow you may sink, but oh what if you fly, and it is this optimism that shines from deep within Leveridged Lives. This could come from faith or a lack thereof, but Leveridged Lives understand the importance of a belief system, those things that ground you, nurture, and comfort you. That place where roots grow, and they call their own. A place they know to be home. It’s a call to their spirit, it’s a light from their aura. 


There is more to Leveridged Lives than the four main aspects with its main emphasis being that of living life and living it to the fullest. Leveridged Lives search out opportunities, indulge in luxuries, and live decadently within their means. Living Leveridged is quite literally about having the best time while here. It’s about going after what you want and removing what you don’t, and that’s why they need to be balanced, in being mentally clear, physically cut, socially colourful with high carat personalities so as to actively achieve all that they have set out to achieve. Leveridged Lives are fun and a bit quirky because they understand that expressionism is just as good but a bit more interesting than modernism. Though defined within or through certain parameters they find joy in adding a bit of spice to their everyday life as a form of not taking themselves too seriously and embracing the silly. A Leveridged life is easily identifiable, whether it be in budding development or of long-term subscription, Leveridged Lives tend to stand out from the rest. It’s the woman with elegance, poise, and urban roots and the man who is fit with an educated finesse, it’s the person in the crowd who catches your eye as one Leverdidged life sees another where game recognizes game and Leveridged Lives role with the familiar.  


elevate your life. elevate your style. elevate your lifestyle.

Join the exclusive.

“There’s a new social club and it’s elevated.”

-All photos found on are shared to celebrate the artists creation.-

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