This time of year is best to reflect and set new intentions. The Holidays are the perfect time to unwind despite the hectic schedules and overzealous festive occasions. The season is greeted with celebration because it is a count down to the end, the end of all things that no longer serve you. The big picture is that during the holidays and New Year most are hyper focussed on being their best and subconsciously operating to be the version of themself they’ve set out to be throughout the year, which puts their true wants and needs in the foreground. Underneath the merriment lies a desire to thrive in an unforgiving world. When the cold settles and you have time to breathe, look in the mirror and see whom you’ve become. With that, you’ll see who you have been. The first thing is to understand that the version of you is the version that is meant to be and has brought you this far into becoming the version you will set out to be. The many lessons and the many victories are all a part of your journey, uniquely designed for you to experience for you to grasp an understanding, a specific understanding.

Setting new intentions comes from being honest with yourself and believing that you deserve everything you want. No matter the past the narrative is yours to dictate and everything along the journey is yours. Begin by looking at your life from the vantage point of gratitude. Look at what you have and appreciate it. First, you must know who you are and what you have before planning for more. Setting new intentions is a plan for your future that can take any form you so choose. Whether it be a plan for tomorrow from today or a journey into your far future, plot a distance you’re comfortable with. It’s a personal thing, setting new intentions. It’s an intimate look at who you are. The second thing is to be realistic in thinking of whom you’d like to be.

To plan, you must look at where you are and then plan on where you’re going, and with that, you can design the route and determine the speed of the journey. Setting new intentions is meant to be manageable, a journey is made step by step; whether you crawl or run one foot moves before the other. By knowing who you are and being realistic with whom you’d like to be, makes the intentions real. To move from point A to a new me, you must then design the route. Decide on what your journey will look like to fall in love with the views. For on the way you will see all that life has set out to be, beautiful. Therefore surround yourself with the things to make your journey smooth. Holiday wellness and setting new intentions is one part of the plan, fulfill it through execution.

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

Your perspective and your narrative are uniquely yours, guard it with jealous vigilance. Be honest with yourself along the way and you’ll be sure to be happy and well. Make some time for yourself and set new intentions. Put on some soothing jazz, set your lights low, cozy up with a nightcap and journal. Release what is not yours and welcome what is. Holiday wellness is seasonal wellness and above all personal wellness.

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