The Holidays are a time spent with family and loved ones where the festivities can take many forms. A small new family might cozy up to a casual and intimate dinner before binge-watching classic movies, while on the other hand a family rich in history might choose to gather in a semi-formal setting to raise a glass to generational growth. With either extreme and all the options in between, Holiday fashion and personal style are the secret gifts waiting to be shared. All throughout the year, we’re focused on our personal style with the Holiday season being no different. Trends prescribed by the fashion community tend to take over when the seasons change presenting their very own set of distinct fashion and style attitudes. The Holidays are a time where personal styles may shift completely switching fashion for comfort and formal for casual or vise versa all dependent on life during this time of year. However, during this time, individuals find themselves in a compromise, considering what styles are right. To avoid compromising fashion for comfort opt for pieces that offer both! Therefore, whether you prefer to be casual and comfortable or fashionable and festive your personal style will place you beautifully between the two. This way you won’t sacrifice fashion for comfort in being stylish and festive no matter the occasion. During this Holiday season incorporate the trends and styles that tick all your fashion boxes and gift yourself the gift of fashion this holidays season by shopping for stylish classics and styles that will last a lifetime.

What’s Your Holiday Style?


Casual & Comfortable


Fashionable & Comfortable


Festive & Fashionable

Give The Gift Of Fashion This Holiday Season

Shop for Him. Shop for Her. Shop for You!

Gift something beautiful this Holiday Season. Something for everyday life. Something for today that will last through the ages. Gift classic, unique designs and signatures. Gift fashion functionality for the seasons. Gift comfort with premium quality and fit, perfectly designed to hug the body. Gift style and stand out from the crowd.

Gift LEVERIDGED. Classics

where classic style is made easy

Gift Fashion. Gift Comfort. Gift Style

Holiday fashion

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