Lifestyles molded by sets of distinct principles are detailed and oriented in such a way that they allow for the best standard of living to be had. These qualities are facilitated through life’s rich opportunities and are greatly valued once spread across its multiple facets. Over time the best lifestyles are perfected by incorporating these opportunities of great value setting individuals apart from one another. A lifestyle of the diamond standard is one built from quality, where the individual appreciates and understands the intricacies of seeking out the finer things in life by aiming to continuously attract items, experiences and companions of the highest calibre, seeking out these opportunities using them to their advantage making for a well rounded individual and life. 

In approaching lifestyle as a curated whole one naturally accumulates the perfect assortment of treasures needed to make life the ideal masterpiece. Everyday is a day made of beauty filled with moments decorated by life’s secrets waiting for you to uncover and collect them. Leveridged sees life as beautiful in looking at the way life is cut, seeking the value in her carats, by uncovering the colours she presents and the clarity she reveals. In this way Leveridged lives are balanced. Beautifully balanced by being mentally clear, physically cut, socially colourful with high carat personalities thriving under the pressures of life; the diamond standard of living is an embodiment, as Leveridged is more than a mood, it is a lifestyle. 

Leveridged is unique in its approach to lifestyle as it’s the manner in which one aligns themself with its distinct aspects that affords them the diamond standard of life. In understanding each facet one can recognize how they flow into one another creating a holistic system for living. Once familiarized with these aspects you’ll begin to grasp the lessons and beauty hidden away in life. 

The 4 Aspects of Life

The mental || The physical || The social || The personal 

– m e n t a l –

The mental state is the most important as it’s the deciding force within you. Here is where you nurture your mind and beliefs by dictating what you stand for  and what you support. The clarity of your mental state represents how clear your intentions are. Decisive and positive intentions result in the attraction of the similar where you’ll begin to find yourself surrounded by things that serve and support you. By clearly and consistently defining yourself you’ll realise that life is simple making it more attractive as things within your lifestyle will begin to align working for your betterment. 

– p h y s i c a l –

A healthy physique stretches beyond physical fitness and includes every aspect of one’s physical self including how to carry oneself. Regularly nurturing all areas of the physical ensures that your cut is polished. These areas are the unique and beautiful traits that literally decorate you . Leveridged lives are clean cut making them all the more desirable. Your physique should emanate and be personally lauded within your lifestyle as with any diamond their appearance is highly valued. 

– s o c i a l –

The way in which you socialise is one of the most defining factors of lifestyle as this is where you spend your time, where you expend yourself and quite literally how you mold your life. This speaks to the activities and occasions that colour your world, making you radiate whenever you’re in the right atmosphere. Your colour should always be at its richest and is made so by your choices. The diamond standard forms the most intricately coloured lifestyles, where the bolder the colour, the bolder the lifestyle which makes it all the more obvious that you are aware of your values and standards. 

– p e r s o n a l –

Your personal attributes are your private traits that make up your essence. Honing and building on yourself benefits you and betters you by creating the perfect lifestyle for you. Your personal attributes are your expressions in your private time, the neuroses that make you you, and the intimate parts that equate to your personal value. These are what define you and are found within your core. High carat personalities have survived the pressures of life by leveraging the force for their advantage.

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These guided distinctions are the building blocks for individuals aiming to become the best version of themselves by proliferating an unapologetic version of whoever they set out to be. In life we are given one chance to do and accomplish all that we were designed to, which breeds an attitude of eager success. Leveridged lives are keepers of these distinctions, as they enjoy life by understanding its pleasures in seeing it for what is, a vast scape of unearthed passionate opportunities waiting to be discovered through choices made pertinent by knowledge of personal and social distinctions.

Knowing yourself is the best thing you can do in this life. Life is about taking risks and understanding the outcomes. It’s so that you can lessen the mistakes by seeing them more as lessons and not regrets. By defining yourself you begin to grasp the makeup of your essence so as to understand your choices and the lessons they present, and the ability to do so lies within understanding the 4 aspects of life. 

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