The Holiday season comes around with cheerful decoration, food, and fashion. A final celebration for the year, where everyone awaits the Winter season to play their part in the festivities. As florals are to Spring, red, white and the sparkly are to Winter’s dressing. To no one surprise, everything and everyone quickly starts to mix into one. One great big Holiday caricature of youthful imagination or artistic rendition of what the season ought to be. Never boldly unique, always the same, December has a telling aesthetic. Though cliche it is beloved as the festive season quite literally brings cheer, mulled wine, and the season’s most coveted fashions.

As with any season, some trends define the current year,  this one from the next, hopefully leaving a sartorial mark in the designer books.  Trendsetters and tastemakers try their hand at fashionable looks in hopes of encouraging the fashion lover to venture out and take part in the season’s styles. With the fear of blending in, true sartorialists search for the styles to stand out. In looking at what is, and what was, LEVERIDGED. has found 3 ways to upgrade your Holiday style this season. 

Upgrade Your Holiday Style In 3 Simple Steps!



Switch your sweater for a sweatshirt

Seasonal sweaters are the cute and cuddly staples for colder weather but are hard to style. They scream casual and are usually tacked on when dressing for the winter season. A sweatshirt adds cool sophistication to a look, and an urban vibe to an otherwise laid-back ensemble, a great new staple to have as it is both comfortable and unquestionably stylish and arguably warmer confirmed by its design. Upgrade your sweater to a sweatshirt and be the stylish one in the group. 


Switch from ugly to chic designs

Most holiday fashions are covered in aggressive holiday prints, bordering on the line of childish cartoon, not fit for the sophisticated man or woman elegantly going about life. While ugly sweater parties are common, ugly dressing is less than attractive so switch ugly styles to chic designs. You can celebrate the Holidays with festive cheer in a sophisticated and stylish way by upgrading your fashions pieces from ugly to chic!


Switch from bold to minimal, classic, and timeless

In looking at how to upgrade your Holiday style in 3 simple ways, step 3 follows the heels of step 2 in switching ugly to chic by switching bold to minimal.  Subtle is stylish and minimal holiday prints are a new and upgraded way of adding festive to fashion. Gone are the days of the out there seasonal styles. Now is the time for minimal, classic, chic,  and timeless designs spreading the sophisticated cheer of Holiday vibes. Upgrade from bold to classic and timeless styles to stand out this Holiday season!

as easy as

I. – II. – III.

The best way to stand out is by being unique, and these 3 ways of upgrading your holiday style this season will surely fulfill your stylish needs, hopes, and dreams this winter. Fashion and the festive season are meant to be fun, and simple. Dressing during this time doesn’t have to be a hassle, or a chore, but tends to be with the barrage of crazy Holiday fashions. Take each styling step into consideration when upgrading your style, and for a full stylish transformation combine all three and be remembered as the person who shook the Holiday party with elegance and modern sophistication. Here’s an additional bonus tip to aid in your fashion and styling journey; dress in the colours of the season, the reds, whites, darks and jewel tones, but do this in one colour family. In other words, dress in monochrome and add accents of the festive colours and pieces. This way your outfit will pop by shinning from the festive accents. Upgrade from wildly colourful to put-together monochrome and bravely become your most stylish self this Holiday season. 

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