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November was one to remember. Following the successes of October’s publishing, November seemed to have fulfilled your wishes bringing you articles to inspire your lifestyles. One such is Let’s Eat: French Brunch – a culinary exploration of a delicious dish perfect for a late morning pick me up or weekend’s R&R. Not to mention discussions surrounding fashion, style, and the very foundation of dressing. 

These articles are introductions to the topics we explore within LEVERIDGED. The Magazine that will continue to unfold and deepen as the months go by, and if the launch, new readers and subscribers are testimony to good reads, then subscribe to join the reader exclusive so you won’t miss out.

With that welcome to the LEVERIDGED. family, our subscribers are growing both here at and over on The Magazine’s facebook page. December has great things in store for you. You can expect style stories, where we encourage you to share your own, more on life in the city, and 4 lifestyle principles to live by that are guaranteed to change your life. This month was good for all us, and the next will follow suit. Now’s the best time to catch up on missed reads, and to find out which topics are your favourites. LEVERIDGED. has all you need, with articles being published every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. EST

LEVERIDGED. More than a mood. It’s a lifestyle. 

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