In all things there are options, there are choices. Most are second nature and others are more intuitive. Within each choice lies a consequence, an outcome of sorts, and just like choices some consequences are conspicuous and others are not. In life we must understand the ying yang relationship between choice and consequence by understanding that they are a part of an intricate whole. This relationship powers life and is found within everything. It’s the option of waking up at a certain time for a certain result, the option of exercising, mentally or physically, for specific gains and it’s the hard choice of whether to dine in or out. Quite literally choices and consequences are a matter of life and death.

Everyday life presents choices and every choice presents consequences, and both may be ladened with uncertainties, which shifts the conversation to involve the notion of the good choice and the bad one. This calls for an assessment, where the situation needs to be examined to identify the best outcome. Look to past experiences, yours or otherwise, to learn from the past to plan for the future so as to make wise decisions. This creates a balanced ecosystem, where each choice and subsequent consequence flows into the next, where sooner or later things fall into place due to the practice of mindful choice. Being mindful of the choices in life makes for a rich lifestyle and a better you. The ecosystem that is your life may be harmonious or chaotic and this is solely dependent on the choices you make. 

In all things know that there are two sides: choices and consequences. If you had the chance right now to create the perfect you with the perfect lifestyle what would you do? What choices would you make? Obvious ones that would lead you there? Yes, it’s a matter of efficiency, productivity and purpose, as each choice adds to the masterpiece that is you.  Therefore live each day with the mindset of putting your best you forward by remembering that there are C’s both sides. 

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