-Let’s Eat: French Bread-
-Bon Appetit-

When in the mood for a tantalizing yet healthy mid-afternoon pick me up, brie paired with a glass of vino will satiate the appetite.  It’s more than enough to fill you and fulfill your palatial desires satisfying you and the dining experience. This delicious dish tends to be comprised of complimentary fruits, jams, crackers and slices of baguettes. 

On top of maximizing your daily dairy intake with a sumptuous serving of brie, this plate teases the sweet tooth. It teeters more on the side of confectionery in just the right amount so as to not overwhelm the taste buds. It’s balanced by the acidity of the fruits and wine making it a complete culinary experience. Though it is not considered particularly savory it will leave you with the same enjoyable notes of a dish of that kind, leaving you with the same emotions that one aims for after having the perfect meal. A simple dish consisting of fromage, craquelins et baguettes has all the right flavours for an enjoyable experience especially when looking forward to enjoying a low key brunch. If traveling to Kingston, JA make sure to visit Fromage. It’s always a good time at Fromage, Hillcrest.

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