So much of who we are, is what we do. As a child I acted as a child, I thought like a child, I lived as a child. As I matured my thinking evolved and my perspectives changed. I became responsible. I became a master of self. I saw my life for what it was and also what it could be which presented choices. Choices of today and tomorrow. Choices of the known and the unknown and choices of the ifs and the whens. Today I know my ifs lead to the unknown of tomorrow’s when. So today I decide to be. 

So who am I? I am whatever I say I am. Therefore I must be whoever I said I’d be and in every way my very being is tied to what I do. Therefore I am content. I am living to fulfill myself, I am living to the fullest. I speak in a way to express my opinions. I dress in a way that enhances my beauty. I work in a way that improves my skills. I play in a way that excites me. I eat in a way that nourishes me and drink what purifies me. I smile and cry and dance through life in a way that enriches me. Therefore I must be whoever I said I’d be. Hello, I am content. 

. \

My life is a collection of evocatives exhibited as a masterpiece compiled from exquisite tapestries. Inside my lifestyle there is outstanding artistry; all elemental and all mine. Inside my life there are passions, disdains, secrets and strengths. It is the most intricate opus I’ve ever known and today I am content to say it is all mine. Mine to mold, mine to shape, mine to create. It of course is the life I choose, choosing choices that best compliment me. I am proficient in my decisions and wise in my choices .

Who I am is not who I was, but who I decided to be. I looked at all the options and heard about all the avenues before deciding where to go. I thought about what I wanted and when I wanted it, I then worked towards it. And of all the streets and of all there was, I journeyed to becoming content. This is the best for me. This is the best me, content. Some days I go by “I,” some days simply “content,” others it’s “you” then there’s “me” too. No matter who I am, whether it’s you or me I am always content, or at least we choose to be.

So inside the lifestyle, inside the life is where you’ll find me. 

-All photos found on are shared to celebrate the artists creation.-

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