Everyday Essentials cushion the sometimes hectic days that seem to follow their own agenda. There are those days that seem to be powered by the thought of spontaneity, while others are streamlined and rigid in structure, and it’s the mix of these moments that has resulted in the perfect assortment of everyday essentials. Everyday Essentials are an assortment of items that ensures every unique occasion is met with the ease of preparation, that once you have the 3 P’s all will be good and taken care of. They are suited to meet the needs of everyone, everywhere, everyday and should be considered as the building blocks to your metropolitan lifestyle. They are the necessary items that once incorporated daily will support and better your experiences and enhance your unique lifestyle. 

These essentials fit within distinct categories making personal organisation that more easy. The 3 P’s combine to make everyday coordination simple. By always involving personal, private and protective essentials, life and its spontaneous moments become a breeze. 


Personal everyday essentials are specific to personal care and tend to excite your senses. Think self care, designed to nourish your sensory needs while on the go. These are your parfums and colognes, hand lotions and mints, ear pods and sunglasses or any other personal refresher you might need. As simple as they are, anyone from the city knows how important they are for the metropolitan lifestyle. 

 P R I V A T E 

Private everyday essentials are the important items and tools you need each day for maneuvering society and its busy cities. They are needed to moderate transactions during special encounters and get you through the door where necessary. These are specific to you like your ID card, credit cards, cash and keys. All essentials for hustling and taking charge of each day. 

P R O T E C T I V E 

Protective essentials are the everyday essentials necessary for today’s world and will be for years to come as they encourage good health and hygiene. These include hand sanitizers, sunblock and disinfectants, masks and gloves, umbrellas, coats, caps and other items that shield you from the elements so as to ensure that you’re protected and functioning at your highest standard every time.

Most metropolitan citizens are busy bodies, buzzing from this street to that avenue, from this event to the next, making the need to be prepared for whatever invitation life presents all the more important. Incorporating the 3 P’s daily simplifies the metropolitan lifestyle, whether it’s your city or a new one, a date or a business lunch, a casual or executive day, pre-pandemic or post, the everyday essentials for the metropolitan lifestyle will get you through.

-All photos found on LEVERIDGED.com are shared to celebrate the artists creation.-

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