Whether it be steamier soaks in the tub or longer showers, at home beauty has made a resurgence that will not only help you physically but mentally. The trend of coupling wellness regimens with beauty routines during this time should help ground and centre you amidst the pandemic. At home beauty isn’t adding a new routine into your day but rather mindfully expanding on the current regimen by adding value to that time.

one at a time | or all at once

At home wellness : m i n d, b o d y, b e a u t y

involves actively tapping into all 5 senses in a gentle and rewarding way. Sensory control centers you, bringing you back to the present moment. This engages the mind and remaining muscles and systems allowing them to balance in a simplistic, natural and healthy way.

The methodology is a combined approach of aromatherapy, physiotherapy and meditation. At home wellness can be tackled by tapping into the individual senses or by increasing sensory stimulation by interacting with them all at once.

how to awakening the senses…


-[ s i g h t ]-

set the scene . candles on the ledge, rose petals in the bath, baby’s breath by the window

-[ s o u n d ]-

soothing sounds, your favourite tunes or silence in observing the vibrations around you


-[ t o u c h ]-

unique water temperatures and flows with body bars, creams or bath oils

-[ t a s t e ]-

a sweet tea, calming tea or shot before, during or after wellness


– [s m e l l ]-

make your own scented cocktail with products or stick to one dominant scent

“I’ve been enjoying the smell of fresh coconut and flowers in bloom” – editor, Robyn Leveridge

This combined beauty and wellness routine can help boost immune levels by physically introducing natural ingredients such as citrus scents and infused teas . Health is also boosted on a superficial level as the mind stabilizes and releases toxins as it enters the meditative state brought on through sensory stimulation; calming you down and relaxing you. At home wellness is a must do and provides a hassle free approach to socially safe spa days.

images taken from pinterest

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