As avid spectators of the beauty industry we’ve been privy to trends and judges of same. We’ve seen the introduction of bushy brows and the dismantling of its unkempt style to the introduction of exuberant nail art and the switch to its reserved counter part. Beauty trends come and go quicker than seasonal changes and 2020 has seen a major shift from previous years. This year beauty is going …


2020 is embracing the natural behind natural beauty. Not to say we’re throwing away brushes, palettes or bronzer for bare skin but rather using light hands, neutral tones and less products in your everyday beauty routine. Coming of the heels of the K-Pop explosion we see the resurgence of natural looking beats from seeing the Japs introduce just bitten lips, youthful brows and sun kissed skin; we in the West decided to join in on the fun.

The beauty trends taking over are:

natural nails and natural nail lengths

lash tints and lash lifts

full brows and natural shapes

natural bronze and sun kissed blush

nude lips and glossed lips

fresh skin and tinted moisturizer

are all we need to be trendy this season. Glamorous looks and heavier makeup is also following the trend which partly stems from the Kardashians, Kimberly’s specific, approach to everyday makeup.

A secret to their success is the effortlessness behind it all, secrets shared with their everyday beauty looks. Thanks to Vogue and Kylie Jenner for giving us insights to the sisters – prim beauty routines where we get a glimpse of the magic. Following the beauty trends above we see where they’ve been included in most of the sisters day to day routines.

They are the perfect example of how this trend works.

This beauty trend is celebrating the person behind the makeup, the face with the beauty; by enhancing the natural features and not disguising them. Bringing you face to face with you, the person in the mirror.

TREND ALERT: 2020 beauty is going natural!

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