London Fashion Week, here today and gone tomorrow! The style mavens extravaganza was spread over a few days with the British showcases seen in quick times. London tends to be the calmest of the fashion weeks seen through the collections styling and aesthetic which is further fed by the city’s up and about attitude. If New York is about money then London is about lifestyle. The British are a set who indulge in the finer things in life as we see with their taste in designer fashions.

In this time where lifestyle is changing, will the fashion of the it girl follow suit? Will there be talks of high fashion and high street come time for designs to hit the streets?

A lot has been shaken up due to the recent COVID -19 outbreak as the worlds health and cooperative measures race to the foreground . In war times and other times of global pandemonium fashion mirrors society, as seen with the recent ME2 movement and Gay pride initiatives where designers bolstered positive messages and brighter designs showcasing support. However with everything going on will the uniform of those still standing in this world reflect that of the times or break pattern and remain festive, similar to the ones sent down the runway. British designers presented fabulous pieces during fashion month and the fashion world sits with bated breath on a time to take part in the best of London’s 2020 Autumn Winter collections.

The Shows.

Victoria Beckham

Vicks girl – cool, fashion forward, cultured


Roksanda’s girl – cool, confident


Burberry girl – elegant, sophisticated

Paul Costelloe

Costelloe girl – chic, trendy

Christopher Kane

Kane girl – edgy, original

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