New York Fashion Week was the first stop on the playground for the stylish. It opened its gates once again for all to indulge . 2020 has brought us to the new decade, the start point of intermediate changes where fashion is expected to receive its fair share.

in the world of

Designer fashion.

Economic tribulations rattle the thought of revisiting the shows. Not only is there a current production halt but there might be company restructuring after the storm settles. Before COVID-19 hit the industry, fashion giants were already coming under scrutiny due to poor work conditions in outsourced factories. Blame also lies with fast fashion leaders for increased human wastage due to the rise of quick in and out fashion.

“With production halted and budgets being amended can there be a positive shift with some compliance?”

Now to visit the major fashion weeks, looking at them through a magnifying glass to see what pieces will be considered sustainable fashion items and which will be cut from the lines. Designers with loyal fan bases will not feel the hit so hard if they continue to receive usual support, but if ideas and thoughts sway to more cost effective or unique pieces and brands then they’ll have some things to consider. This was the year to put your best foot forward. Collections sent down the runways in February will quite literally define times and generations to come. With that being said let’s see which labels stood out during New York Fashion Week 2020.

The Shows.

Christian Siriano

Christians girl – fun, extroverted

Prabal Gurung

Prabal girl – glamorous, sensual

Jonathon Simkhai

Simkhai’s girl – womanly, mature

Brandon Maxwell

Brandons girl – fabulous, sultry


Longchamp girl – cool, self aware, strong

Carolina Herrera

Carolinas girl – elegant, bold

Oscar De La Renta

Oscars girl – ladylike , glamorous

Tom Ford

Fords girl – cool, sophisticated, feminine

Michael Kors

Kors girl – homely, classic, chic

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