COVID – 19 has brought the globe to a halt. More and more cases have been popping up internationally as we observe the rapid spreading of the virus from nation to nation. This pandemic will appear more frightening than those of generations past as technology connects us, allowing for us to see, read and hear the stories come out of the heavily affected areas; both from governing officials and citizen journalists.

It has restricted leisure which is the least but has mostly deregulated the worlds operations causing uproars as the uncertainty of healthcare and systematization looms. As the threat increases so will affirmative action as countries close borders and travel bans extend. But amidst the pandemic healthcare officials have yet to pinpoint all possible modes of transmission or pathways for the Corona virus to spread resulting in quarantines. This is being mitigated by the vaccine race, the silver lining given to rest easy though we wait to confirm that one is on the way.

Until then or official announcements declaring safe and free movement, stock up on information regarding COVID – 19 and its spread. The New York Times has shared an informative article with maps and timelines depicting the outbreak.

t i t l e l i n k b e l o w :

THE NEW YORK TIMES – how the virus got out

The most extensive travel restrictions to stop an outbreak in human history haven’t been enough. We analyzed the movements of hundreds of millions of people to show why.” – The New York Times

for health tips and global updates on COVID-19 visit


images from The New York Times

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