With great power comes great responsibility, a challenge Jace has decided to accept in sharing her travels on her official blog, Chasing Jace. She’s been toying with the fact of moving from carefree traveler to travel guide guru for sometime and is still in the process of working out some kinks.


With this though we are still privy to the sites and scenes of her past excursions, where she is not shy in aiding fellow travelers with tips on scoring her sweet vacations. Her generosity an open mindedness in spreading the travel bug is one of the reasons her viewers can’t get enough.

When it comes to travel,

is it as simple as 1, 2, 3?

Travel Q’s

Is there one thing that draws you to travel? Whether it be experience, food, culture or simply something to do? 

Definitely the experience and new cultures. I am not so big on food tbh because sometimes my itineraries are so packed, I only have time to grab a snack and go, I maybe only have one full meal a day.

So what do you think?


Of your recent excursions where has been busy running on your mind?


Rockhouse Hotel.

I think about it ALL the time. I’m actually having a slight conundrum because I really want to go back but I also want to experience other gems Jamaica has to offer.

And of your catalogue of trips which fulfilled you the most? 

This is a difficult one, I would say it’s between Cuba and (locally) Rockhouse. I cannot emphasize enough that both itineraries were literally perfect.

The perfect balance between active and relaxation.

How do you plan your stacations; are you a go with the flow kind of girl or is there a method to the lavishness? Was Rockhouse a quick planned trip or one of extensive research?

Lol! Definitely planned. I usually spend a relatively short time whenever I do staycations so I don’t have much time to “figure” things out. So before,

I definitely plan my itineraries to manage my time and satisfy my expectations.

I did do a lil bit of research (ok maybe a lot) I spoke with the reps about what they offered and participated in at least one activity each day. I also went offsite to explore the other things Negril had to offer and honestly, it was literally the perfect little getaway, I would do it again rightttt now.

Your fans have always been chasing you what made you grant them this kind of access, via your upcoming blog release? 


the main reason is…

I almost always get questions about where I have been and my recommendations etc, and many times there are repeat questions so I figured why not create a singular medium where persons will be able to visit for all the answers and for those who are too shy to message me directly.  People also love my content and I am always getting so many compliments so why not put it to some use?

Point to note: It’s a bit (a lot) delayed because I’m currently going through some changes in my life but it will be here in a few months guys!

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