1 thing to note about Jace other than her wanderlust spirit is her approach to styling and everyday fashion. She is considered a local style star and has been popping up all over local news papers and influential feeds. She has a way of dressing herself that inspires individuals to step up their game.


She has a great eye for textures and a knack for pairing resulting in the best mix of vacation looks. From her numerous beach looks to her vibrant street style, Jace breaks down a little of what it takes to look so effortless.

In other words a just d vybzzz.

When it comes to vacation fashion,

is styling easy breezy?

Fashion Q’s

What goes into outfit planning for your trips? 

 “I think about the vibe I’m trying to experience.”

I then plan my outfits accordingly based on location. As you would know, Ms. Fashionista, what you wear plays a big part of how you feel.

Would you ever travel to just experience a country’s fashion? Where would that be? 


Has the fashion worn by the people from any of your trips inspired you to incorporate it in your style or simply had you admiring it?

Lol no.

Ask me this again when I visit Europe perhaps.

Which of your previous trips were you most excited to style?

Between Cuba and NY, admittedly things didn’t go as planned for both but still made it work.

(I think)

Do you change your style based on vacation spot or is it a capsule of your personal style?

My ‘style’ is based on my vacation spot.

Prior to I would create my own little mood board of what I want to achieve and it’s so fun because

“fashion allows you to be so many different versions of yourself.”

However, admittedly I do stay within my comfort zone but that is something I’m looking to change soon.

Her love for fruitful experiences and adventure has Jace breaking down her love for trips. Next…


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