Most travelers plan every part of their trip down to the last adapter needed, but Jace has managed to fit her beauty routine into a malleable regimen suitable for quick trips or long overhauls. Not shying away from her usual look she embraces the good, the bad and the natural when away.


Stepping out with her creams and gloss ensuring that her island glow is maintained even in the concrete Jungle is one of the reasons she stands out when sliding down timelines. She manages to keep her look fresh and up to date no matter the coordinates.

With travel and beauty,

can you really have the perfect routine?

Beauty Q’s

Does your skincare routine differ on overseas trips from your daily regimen? 

No it doesn’t.

Then again, I don’t have an extensive “routine.”

I just kinda hope my skin doesn’t break out and focus on keeping my eczema under control.

What’s your go to skincare and beauty item that must go with you on one of your trips? 

My eczema face cream, primer, eyebrows, foundation, highlight and gloss.

Are you a fresh faced traveler or your beat is a must when on vacation?

I would say I’m in between. Many people don’t know this but


the process of putting on makeup and I’m not a fan of feeling it on my face either. However, as most of us do, I prefer having on simple “face” whenever I’m taking photos.

So if no photos are involved, definitely fresh-faced!

Have you ever picked up  a beauty item from one of your trips that has become a staple in your day to day? 

I don’t know if this counts but yes, I never go anywhere without my Fenty Gloss that I picked up when I was on vacay in NY lollll!

When preparing for a trip what’s 3 things you must do to keep you looking your best? 

Fusion lashes are now a must on my list! Also, an everyday makeup kit and freshly done hair.

Fenty makes her favourite gloss, and Paris her favourite fashions. Jace tells us a little about her impeccable vacation styles.Next…


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