Jaciane Ellis has blown into our sights like a wind of fresh air with her unique approach to travel dairying. A self proclaimed wanderlust, she ever so often tip toes out of our minds to enter her version of wonderland seemingly every-time she goes dark on socials. Only to reappear with a beautifully pieced pictorial edit of her travels.


they’re catching feelings
she’s catching flights.

Whether it’s catching feelings of calmness from seeing her pics, or curiosity of where she’s catching flights to next, her fans are glued to her feed waiting for the next drop, heads up or stunning pic to grace their timelines. This modelesque island beauty decided to catch up with LEVERIDGED. to share the beauty behind her travels.

When it comes to travel…

why is it apart of your lifestyle Jace?

Lifestyle Q’s

Which is your favourite parish to travel to and why?

Ooooh, Negril because it is so serene yet the vibe is so infectious. The people are super friendly and it maintains its authenticity. The only thing I hate is the drive,

but I like Negril “Jamaica” lol

literally cannot wait to go back!

What’s the minimum stay time for any of your trips?

Local, 1 night.

International, 4 nights.

Where’s the one place locally and the one place internationally that you wish to visit? 

Is it weird if I say this is the most difficult question so far?

The list is endless for both:

I want to go almost everywhere in Negril lol. The west end is my fave, with Portland in second.

As for internationally, Europe is perhaps at the top of the list then like 100+more countries lol

Do you put a yearly quota on travelling whether locally or internationally? 

Yes, I do.

Proper financial planning is mandatory and trips can be extremely expensive so it’s imperative to gauge travel expenditures and understand that it comes after your needs and other personal financial goals (for me, at least)

Have you ever done solo travelling? Is it something you recommend or is having a friend better? 

I have never, actually, but I’m not particularly interested either. Having a friend there adds to the experience and it’s safer (as a woman) so I definitely recommend the latter. (Human trafficking is real)

From a quick one night to staycation to packing for an over seas trip, Jace shares some must have health and beauty items that get her through her trips. Next…


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