– c o r o n a v i r u s a f f e c t s:

  5. The Scene

F I N A N C E S. 1.

COVID-19 was first diagnosed in Wuhan China, the epicenter of the worlds manufacturing district. The world sat back as pandemonium prevailed. Death tolls and public concerns rose as neighboring nations wondered the faith of their beloved citizens. Amidst the crisis production of the worlds goods has halted. Eventually numbers will play on demand and demands will win. Price gouging is only beginning with Lysols being marked up by 300% .

i n v e s t o r s should be worried about where they’ve layed their dollars. Will this tree grow or perish in the heat of things. MONEY now more than ever is at its highest value. #collectorsitem

P H Y S I C A L & M E N T A L W E L L B E I N G . 2.

Assuming that you entertained the idea of a regular exercise regime because you believe in a healthy lifestyle, the thought of at home work outs must have crossed the mind. If you’ve been working at strengthening your fitness goals then by all means go full force ahead. More so than ever,


it is important to keep active at home with the fight against the corona virus. Keep the blood flowing, keep the muscles working. Keep at it.

Prepare the mind for social adjustment in not having access to your regular routine. From running errands to simply leaving home at a certain time everyday will be considered a luxury once realising that quarantine means


So check attitudes. it will take some time for adjusting.

S O C I A L C O M U N I C A T I O N . 3.

s o c i a l d i s t a n c i n g – respect of personal space

Constantly being on high alert regarding personal health and physical well being while actively examining surroundings for signs or symptoms can result in paranoia. Reports have come out depicting social unrest and fear of corona as a result of racial interaction.

  • allways study the facts about COVID-19 and its transmission from a reliable source such as the WHO

Socially this will manifest in missing physical touch and interactions. Moving from busy scenes to the family everyday will have you missing your broskis.

L I V E L I H O O D S. 4.

Starter. Start up. Business plans. – is this the best time?

Entrepreneurs reliant on global clientele will feel the weight of the corona virus outbreak as airways and shipping lines shut down to avoid the spread of the virus. Scaling back a little to look at the local market, local business men will feel the hit when customer numbers dwindle. Now think about those beautiful unique items or specialized services and classify them as either want or need.

mani – pedi’s – luxury
trim & line up. – luxury

Now is the time to think about contingencies, emergency plans, work break down structures and any other business thing you looked over while planning for your business. Stay knowledgeable.

And for those reliant on employment watch the market. There’s a looming crisis and industries have been threatened.

The scene. 5.

Corona has fucked up the social calendar. It was bad enough that citizens are facing quarantine but to know, once the scare dies down and crisis averted, that there’d be no events to fill the roster was something for the books.

Nor will anyone be eager to visit restaurants, or gyms, or libraries, or parks.

“we’ll be adjusting “

The usual mood of the city will be swayed depending on how intensely the crisis is felt. Only time will tell where we’ll stand in the end.

d i r e c t i o n s – apply faith

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