The beauty routine, a sensational part to daily wellness has one element that is seemingly overlooked. This added step will definitely lift spirits and vibrations once added to the daily ritual. Either by completing your morning routine or topping of night time regimens, adding a scent elevates it to a new luxurious height.

sweet smells

Beautiful scents are necessary to calm nerves and are no strangers in the beauty industry. Brands such as Marc Jacobs and L’Oreal have introduced scented cosmetics to their ranges and beauty lovers globally have flocked to the craze. But once the compact is closed after the application of the coconut bronzer the scent fades away . Adding a few drops of perfume after your setting spray is all you need to brighten your day.

Speaking on the perfume sector, updating your beauty regimen 1 scent at a time will not only have you leaving a lingering memory wherever you go but also produces a calmer you. In the recent Vogue Beauty Secrets with Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch she raves about her use of rose oil in her beauty routine, this done even before applying cosmetics. She says…

-” Anything Rose scented is my favourite thing on the planet and lavender oil calms me down”

Most tend to stick to a signature scent as it usually holds significance to the wearer, while we here at LEVERIDGED like to venture in variety by collecting scents of similar notes. A house favourite is any of the Marc Jacobs daisy scents. The aroma settles gently with your nostrils.  There’s a sense of seduction but class nestled into the scent.  It’s not overwhelming but it is bold and very womanly. It is a light scent, a sweet, fresh scent, but it’s strong at the same time, one that will have him gently sniffing your neck pondering that gentle smell.

“smell like a daisy dream

During the day the scents get lost on you while going about your day. High paced or severe focus have you forgetting that you’re floating around with an intoxicating aroma. But once settled down and preparing for bed these scents shine. Nothing is more relaxing than floating off on a dream cloud with a beautiful subtle scent powering your dream sequence. A few rolls of your favourite scent at bed time creates a new luxe sleeping experience. A recommended night time scent is one CoCo Chanel.

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