Pantone’s colour for 2020 is classic blue and we are sure the runways will be filled with this gorgeous shade seen in varying garments. Until the drop we’re delving into other 2020 colour trends. We are departing with some looks from 2019 such as neons and are revamping the bright look with a different styling technique. These 2020 colour trends will have you in the styling good books.

Ever Green – shades of green

2019 introduced us to pistachio and every fashionista has ran with it since then. 2020 we are seeing EVER GREEN fashion, that is all shades and tones are hitting the high street and fashion ways. If green is in your wardrobe, now is the time to style it.

All of one – loud monochrome

In the same wave that hit us with neons last Spring Summer this colour wave has come with the same force. MONOCHROME dressing is here and much bolder as it draws you out of your comfort zone of the typical all white or black ensembles and is introducing us to all Fuchsia and Coral looks. The bolder the colour the bolder the look.

Virginal – all white

This has hit with winter giving us the seasons biggest colour trend, VIRGINAL – winter whites. Everything from white winter apparel to whole virginal looks. The purity and sense of renewal with 2020 has us all feeling liked we’ve never been touched before.

Subdued – pastels

If bright colours just aren’t your vibe then try softer toned PASTELS. This fresh and delicate colour palette will ensure that you make the style watch without causing disruptions to your usual programming. It’s the safest bet when adding colour to your wardrobe. It’s okay to dip your toe in colour than to jump feet first.

Nudist – nude and beige tones

Getting back to our roots and in touch with our self by getting NUDE. Flesh tones, nudes and beige’s are having a resurgence and it’s the most delicious of the trends with rich chocolate tones combining beautifully with caramel rich colours. Mix and matching of these tones further elevate the look. It’s the perfect time now for all skin tones to jump on the neutral G-wagon seeing that the industry has provided more opportunities for inclusivity.

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