There isn’t a main street in Kingston not displaying an event poster or two. And never will you find an outdated notice. We party most nights and in the instances of a party-less night we

take it to the day!

Jamaica, not just Kingston is a …

party capital.

There are all kinds to fit your flavour. Whether it be throwback to the 90’s or a Campari Pop Style, we Jamaicans find every opportunity to pop style and make it fun.

This particular evening was a combination of the typical Dancehall party and style competition made better with free entry. Patrons just had to come out with a few dollars to fill up with some liquid courage from either of the 2 impressive Campari bars.

At most parties the hype is brought out by the MC and DJ, here the popular ZJ Liquid kept the crowd hyped. The mic was handed over to Miss Kitty and Escobar who took the second part of the night which was not shy of the usual antics. Lets’ just say Onie walked away 5k richer after ackling up a goodie from the crowd.

“Onie pudung a piece a wine all Spice try tief a piece. “

That’s the beauty of our parties. They’re never the ordinary.

We are not the same.

If you just touch down from d airport mek sure you find a dance. You haffi deh deh pan you yiylash! party we a party n pop style!

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