Savory our sweet? Let’s go half and half . The choice of crepe is always hard because everything is always good. It works best when you pre-plan what you’ll be feeling for. There’s a lot of amazing crepes to sift through so to make the decision a little bit easier figure out which taste to satisfy.

she likes it sweet. he likes it savoury.

I wanted something sweet and not over bearing, something leaving me wanting more. I wanted strawberries and cream. I’ts strawberries, sweet cream with whipped cream on top. They’re just right with the berries and perfect with the cream. As you’d assume…


Mr.B wanted something with a little more drama, something a bit more tantalizing. He loves a winner and went with house’ favourite. He enjoyed his smoked marlin. A combination of melt-in-your-mouth smoked marlin, cream cheese, capers and their very own chunky pepper jelly. Every inch of it was delectable.

Never have I indulged and been disappointed. There dishes have become staples in our everyday lives. It’s guilty without the guilt. It’s affordable, delicious, quick and easy.

The beverages are divine.

After choosing from the menu it’s easy to get lost in finding a favourite. One mix that has me weak is their chai latte. It’s literally like a hug from the inside. It’s always a beautiful experience at the Tea Tree Crêperie.

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